Cain Millwork is constantly looking to build a team of diverse experience and exceptional skill.
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Cain Millwork is a company which fosters a culture of customer service, teamwork, safety, and productivity.

We are constantly looking to grow and develop our team at Cain Millwork. Our employees expect the best from one another every day, exhibiting a high level of care, concern, and compassion for each other.  The keys to success in this organization are dependability, reliability, openness, follow-through and attentiveness.

Cain Millwork offers unbeatable craftsmanship and innovative architectural woodworking solutions.


We’ll ensure your projects run as smooth as possible by working diligently to prevent major issues before they arise.

Cain Millwork utilizes state-of-the-art technology, such as the Surface Book Pro, in every architectural project.

The Way of the Future

Cain Millwork has undergone many positive changes over the last 20 years. Our plant has doubled in new technology to utilize only the best equipment in the industry. Most recently, our designers have incorporated the Surface Book Pro tablet into their projects. With these tablets, our engineers can make design changes and pricing adjustments in real-time.
We are always searching for innovative technology that will keep us ahead of the game in our competitive industry.

Cain Millwork has unparalleled engineering and project management experience in architectural woodworking.

Want to Know More?

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